Rashes are common in children and can be caused by a variety of different things. Rashes often look severe, but are rarely emergent. Common causes of rashes include allergic reactions, viral infections, reactions to heat or cold, or skin reactions to bacteria, fungi or external factors (i.e. bug bites). These non-urgent rashes can often be treated with home care. Many of these rashes can last for weeks at a time. If your child is happy, without other concerning symptoms and the rash doesn’t seem bothersome, it can likely be monitored from home.

Seek Emergency care if:
  • Your child is short of breath, throat is tight or face is swollen
  • Your child has a purple rash that looks like a bruise
Call the office if:
  • Child has joint pain, fever, or a sore throat
  • You notice streaks of redness, swelling, warmth, or very tender areas as these may indicate an infection
  • Your child is taking a new medicine
  • Your child may have a tick bite
  • Home treatment doesn’t work or symptoms get worse

Common Pediatric Rashes