Dr. Judith Pendleton

I completed my undergraduate education at Harvard University and then attended Louisiana State University Medical School in New Orleans. It was there I was filled with wonder at the love, trust and dignity children possess and impressed with their ability to heal. I realized what a privilege it is to share in a family’s life, to be entrusted with a child’s well being.

I completed my pediatric internship and residency at University of California, San Diego. I spent the next 6 ½ years working in Northern California with Kaiser Permanente Medical Group. In 1997, my family relocated to Arizona, where I now live, in Chandler, with my son, Connor, and my daughter, Meredith.

I became a Christian in 2001 and my life was changed completely. God is continuing to work on me, but in 2006 He put a dream in my heart to open my own practice, to be true to my vision of what a pediatric practice could be. And He brought it to fruition, for His glory!

This is my vision. Life is becoming more isolating, impersonal and confusing. We all need encouragement and help. Children especially need to know that they are valued, loved, wanted and accepted. At Pendleton Pediatrics, we believe all people deserve compassion and respect and need love and encouragement. This philosophy applies to our staff and fellow providers and extends to your children and families. My hope is that as we grow and develop as a practice, we will become a community, dedicated to every child’s health and success.