September 12 2014

Elation then frustration!


I was SUPER excited about last week’s Nova program, “Vaccines – Calling the Shots”. It did remind me that medical doctors and parents have their own “language”, not only their own opinions. I truly believe both parties want to insure the health of children and want to feel fully informed. I think that watching this may start some new conversations, where there once were deaf ears, medical frustration, parental fears, etc. I just loved it. It addressed the history of immunization (I learned a few things there!) and reminded me of the incredible infectiousness of measles, as it is airborne and droplet spread. There was a testimony from a young man who got polio from the oral vaccine and how this led to a successful movement to only use the killed viral vaccine (unfortunately, many third world countries do not have this options – truly is great to be an American, folks). He wasn’t bitter, he was thankful. Now that’s grace. Another doctor/mother discussed the HPV (human papilloma vaccine) and how we as a nation clamor for cures for cancer. And now we have a vaccine that can greatly prevent oral, cervical, and other genital cancers available. Yet it is terribly underutilized. I hope that everyone would download this video and spend the approximately one hour watching it, talking about it, talking to your doctor about it….

Here’s what made me crazy! PBS is charging $1.99 to download the program from youtube. You can also purchase it from Nova/PBS (but I think it’s more expensive).

Here’s what I would like to do………..If you would like to purchase this program for your family, for your church, for your daycare site, etc, if you truly buy/download it and get me your information (just give us a call) and I will gladly reimburse you your $1.99. I am willing to offer this to the 1st 200 requests I get. So just call my office, let the ladies who you speak to know that you have purchased it and give them your info. I will mail you your check.

This is super important and I am disappointed that PBS put this small hurdle in everyone’s ability to view this program. (But, thank you soooo much, Nova, for this excellent program and commitment to public health and safety).

Keep healthy! Keep talking with your doctors!


Dr P