July 31 2014

August? This Friday?

Where did this summer go? Time seems to be rushing by. Kids were just finishing school and yet now we are back to packing lunches, getting the homework done, carpooling to activities….We are a busy society – well, we grown ups are. Can you remember waking with the sunrise, super excited because it was a new day, there would be new adventures, things to learn, time to play? I so wish I could wake up with a child’s excitement and expectation each morning! It’s really hard for me, and I bet most of you, to stop making lists, be present in the moment, LAUGH and smile more, be content with what we have. Let me encourage you to try! Your kids are growing up and each stage is so precious. Try to carve out even 15 minutes a day to slow down and be intentional with spending time with your family. It doesn’t have to be complicated: even just setting the table and eating dinner as a family (with NO electronics or screens on) is a tremendous way to reconnect and rediscover how special our relationships are with one another.

My eldest is off to college in a few weeks – that went fast! I can’t even begin to blog about THAT yet! I thank you all for sharing your children with me. Each funny thing they say, every runny-nosed, sneezy kiss they give me, their sweet coos, belly laughs and sometimes adorable crying, these things are priceless gifts that you share with me and my staff. Keep your eyes and ears open, time’s speeding by!