June 30 2014


This weekend I have been lucky enough to have time to reflect on this past week. It was busy, challenging and wonderful, too – hopefully you had the same experiences. But this past week, we celebrated 7 years of Pendleton Pediatrics! Even better, we were able to celebrate as a family.
God has blessed me abundantly in so many ways. I am especially grateful for each woman (and their families) who He has providentially sent to join our Pendleton family. Every one who works for me (really, with me) has such a beautiful heart and commitment to our patients and to each other. It is a joy to go to work. I cannot say enough about their dedication,creativity, compassion, and just sheer joy! So I just publicly wanted to brag about them and thank and praise you, God, for each one of them. Bless them and the little ones they care for always!IMG_1473 (2)